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Resort Wear

January 03, 1998|CYNDI Y. NIGHTENGALE

A simple bubble bath may not be enough to wash away all the food, drink and stress of the holiday season.

Recharge and rejuvenate yourself with home products from the Spa. What better time than the beginning of the new year to shed the excesses of 1997?

To begin your spa experience at home, consider a relaxing candle ($24.50), available in six scents and several sizes. Seaweed bath crystals ($46) turn a bath into a soothing soak. Tension relief foot and body soak ($17) softens and revitalizes the skin.

Conclude the experience with a massage, using custom blended oils ($35). There are eight scents available, the most popular being the "anti-stress" combination.

For more information about the at-home collection, visit the Spa, 695 Town Center Drive, Suite 180, in Costa Mesa, or call (714) 850-0050.


Round out your home office with ergonomically designed computer work surfaces from Biomorph.

Putting each computer user at his or her "center of power" is the idea behind the Biomorph desk, says industrial designer Stephen Barlow-Lawson, creator of the furniture. "Everything is placed within easy access and comfortable reach."

Biomorph's expandable, interactive desks ($700 to $2,200) are constructed of high density fiberboard and plywood and coated with a catalyzed lacquer for durability.

Accessories such as monitor arms and wire management control areas are also available.

For more information, call (212) 647-9595 or check out Biomorph's Web site at

Creature Feature

Unearth your children's passion for dinosaurs by decorating their bedroom or bath with tile featuring the heavy-stomping creatures.

Functional Sculpture, handmade by Patricia Feinman, doesn't depict the dinosaurs as comic creatures. Her interpretation shows the detail and visual power of the Tyrannosaurus rex, triceratops and stegosaurus.

Wall tiles are about $6 each, with 3-by-6 tiles running $18 each. They are available in Orange County at Eurobath & Tile (714) 545-2284 and Walker Zanger (714) 546-3671 in Costa Mesa.

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