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Year's Highlights May Be in Court

January 03, 1998|LESLEY WRIGHT

Some of the major events that Orange expects in 1998 seem destined to occur in the courtroom.

A scandal involving the city's trash and recycling companies--both owned by the same family--will probably end up either on the criminal or the civil docket of Superior Court.

Despite allegations that millions of dollars in city revenue was misappropriated, no arrests have been made.

Another issue that could land in court involves Police Chief John R. Robertson, who has been on paid administrative leave since October. Some city officials allege that he created a hostile workplace and improperly investigated the leak of a trash scandal document. Robertson's attorneys contend the action was meant to stymie his investigation of corruption at City Hall.

But bright moments are expected.

The CityMills at Orange, an 800,000-square-foot shopping center, is expected to open in 1998 on The City Drive. A Wal-Mart is also going to open at the Orange Mall on Tustin Street.

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