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Microsoft's Action Was Just Good Business

January 04, 1998

Carl G. Hokanson's letter characterizing Microsoft making price adjustments based on currency fluctuation as dumping is completely in error ["Is It 'Dumping' or a Double Standard?" Letters, Dec. 21].

Microsoft is not taking this action to achieve competitive advantage. The action is being taken in order to save and stabilize a market and to help keep the market viable.

Further, since Windows is the primary operating system on the PC platform, it could be argued the action is both prudent and necessary to ensure the continued flow of other related goods which are exported from the United States.

If Thais can't get the necessary Windows software, it dries up the market for PCs. If Windows 95 is priced out of reach, then all suppliers of Windows 95 software suffer, PC manufacturers suffer, all related hardware and software suppliers suffer.

What Microsoft is doing, they can afford to do. It is not a double standard since there is no competing product.

Microsoft's action in this regard is good for jobs and business in both countries and hurts no one.


Los Angeles

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