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Smart Aleck

January 04, 1998

The question on Dec. 21:

"Buddy," the president dubbed him (the new pup). What should he have, and why?

Clinton's dog should be named "Hushpuppy" because I'm sick of hearing all their doggone bickering.

Robin Cole, West Hollywood

"Buddy" tastes flat for the chocolate feller; it doesn't go with the puppy's color. "Coffee" is a closer theme. And "Mocha" is better--pass the cream.

Bess Hastings Benson

San Pedro

"Attorney General." What Reno has to do, only a dog should be asked to do. And he would be better at jumping through hoops.

Rick Bramhall, Lake Elsinore

P. J.--i.e. Paula Jones. Or Chop Suey.

Leslie Stillwater, Orange

"Bong." After his best friend at Oxford.

Bill Williams, Upland

DC for--what else?--Dog Clinton, not to be confused with place of same name.

G.A. Zaret, Mission Viejo

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