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Healthy Bestsellers

January 05, 1998


1. "The All New, All Purpose Joy of Cooking," by Irma S. Rombauer, Marion Rombauer Becker and Ethan Becker (Scribner, $30)

2. "Seven Spiritual Laws of Success for Parents: Daily Lessons for Children to Live By," by Deepak Chopra (Crown, $16.95)

3. "Don't Worry, Make Money: Spiritual and Practical Ways to Create Abundance and More Fun in Your Life," by Richard Carlson (Hyperion, $15.95)

4. "The Spiritual Warrior," by John-Roger (Mandeville Press, $20)

5. "Talking to Heaven," by James Van Praagh (NAL / Dutton, $20.95)

6. "Awakening the Buddha Within: Eight Steps to Enlightenment," by Surya Das (Broadway, $26)

7. "Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy," by Sarah Ban Breathnach (Warner, $17.95)

8. "Creole Christmas," by Emeril Lagasse (Morrow, $25)

9. "The Celestine Vision: Experiencing the Spiritual in the New Millennium," by James Redfield (Warner, $20)

10. "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus," by John Gray (HarperCollins, $23)


1. "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff," by Richard Carlson (Hyperion, $8.95)

2. "Zagat Survey 1998 Los Angeles / Southern California Restaurant Guide," edited by Merrill Shindler and Karen Berk (Zagat Survey, $10.95)

3. "Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul," by Jack Canfield, Mark Hansen and Kimberly Kirberger (Health Communications, $12.95)

4. "Chicken Soup for the Mother's Soul," by Jack Canfield (Health Communications, $8.95)

5. "Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul," by J. Canfield, M.V. Hansen, J. Hawthorne and M. Shimoff (Health Communications, $12.95)

6. "Chicken Soup for the Soul," edited by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen (Health Communications, $12.95)

7. "The Artist's Way," by Julia Cameron (Jeremy P. Tarcher / Putnam, $13.95)

8. "Girlfriends: Invisible Bonds, Enduring Ties," by Tamara Traeder and Carmen R. Barry (Wildcat Canyon, $12.95)

9. "Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution," by Robert C. Atkins (M. Evans, $12.95)

10. "What to Expect When You're Expecting," by Arlene Eisenberg, Sandee E. Hathaway and Heidi E. Murkoff (Workman Publishing, $10.95)


Rankings are based on a Times poll of Southland bookstores.

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