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With the Power Out, So Is Class at Edison

January 06, 1998|JULIO V. CANO

A fire inside a 30-year-old electrical transformer at Edison High School left the campus without power, forcing officials to cancel school Monday and today.

The outage occurred about 10:20 a.m. Monday, minutes after a 4.3 earthquake centered in Chino hit Southern California. But school officials said they believe the two events were unrelated.

"The quake and the outage were coincidental," Principal Brian Garland said. "But the power stoppage left us without lights, telephones or computers."

Most of the classrooms on the 2,250-student campus lack windows, which made it impractical to continue classes, Garland said.

"The kids were delighted when told there would be no school," Garland said. "But we'll be back in school Wednesday."

Southern California Edison crews plan to have the transformer repaired by this afternoon.

An Edison spokesman said Monday that there were no service outages in Orange County related to the earthquake, and added it was unclear if the temblor was a catalyst for the transformer problem.

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