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Psychologist to Talk About Memory Loss

January 06, 1998|KIMBERLY LISAGOR

Memory loss among the elderly does not necessarily mean they have Alzheimer's disease, according to a psychologist who is scheduled to discuss the topic in Ojai on Thursday.

There are about 280 possible causes of memory loss, ranging from the side effects of medication to medical disorders. Dr. Max Fuhrmann will teach those who care for elderly relatives how to tell the difference between simple forgetfulness and more serious problems.

Identifying problems quickly can determine how successfully they are treated, said Lynn Lewis, director of the Oak Tree House Senior Day Care Center, which will host the event.

"Many times you can regain your memory if [the problem] is diagnosed properly," she said.

Even with Alzheimer's disease, which currently has no cure, early care can help slow memory deterioration, she said.

The Oak Tree House is one of nine community service programs overseen by Help of Ojai, a nonprofit organization.

Fuhrmann is director of psychological services at Pacific Shores Hospital, Oxnard. He teaches gerontology and psychology at Cal State Northridge and has offices in Thousand Oaks and Ventura.

Seating is limited at the event, from 3 to 5 p.m., at 111 W. Santa Ana St. Call 646-0161 for reservations.

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