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Frost Danger Gone, Meteorologist Says

January 07, 1998

Jack Frost's visits to Orange County are over for now, as meteorologists predict that onshore breezes today will warm overnight temperatures enough to prevent the freezing of early morning dew on ground cover.

The patchy frost during the past two days was not around long enough to damage plants or crops, said National Weather Service spokesman Richard Stitt. Weather Service officials saw no need to issue frost warnings, he added.

"It was local frost that lingered only for a couple of hours each morning. It really wasn't enough to worry about it damaging plants," Stitt said.

Growers and nurseries also reported no problems from Monday's and Tuesday's scattered frost.

Weather experts said that frost-covered plants were found mostly in wind-protected areas of Orange County, where overnight lows fell to the high 20s and low 30s.

Wind helps prevent frost by distributing warmer air to the ground, where the temperature is usually cooler, Stitt said.

Low temperatures tonight are expected to range in the mid- to high 30s, above the freezing point.

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