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Hunted Fox Still Suffers the Terror of the Chase

January 07, 1998

Re "One Man's Passion Revives the Fox Hunt in Virginia" (Dec. 19).

Just because the fox has been spared a grisly death does not make the cruel sport of fox hunting all right. The fox, not knowing the whole thing is a game, still has to endure a terrifying, exhausting ordeal, unfairly outmatched by a pack of howling, barking hounds and "huntsmen" on horseback. That people like Randy Waterman and others of his airheaded ilk don't regard emotional and mental cruelty to animals as just as abhorrent as physical cruelty is disgusting.


North Hollywood


With all the constructive hobbies--not to mention all the need in today's world--can't Randy Waterman find something better to do with his time and his "ton of money" than terrorize wild animals?


South Pasadena

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