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January 08, 1998|HEIDI SIEGMUND CUDA

Where they'll huff, and they'll puff and they'll blow their smoke rings. (In other words, these venues have outdoor patios, where smoking still is legal.)

Al's Bar, 305 S. Hewitt St., downtown L.A., (213) 625-9703. It's not a "dive," it's an adventure, and so is finding standing room in the tiny patio right about now. 21 and over, cover varies.

Boardner's, 1652 Cherokee Ave., Hollywood, (213) 462-9621. Tucked behind this retired rocker hang is an outdoor bar, and Boardner's management is probably thanking its lucky stars for it. 21 and over, cover varies.

Cat & Fiddle Pub, 6530 W. Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, (213) 468-3800. The nice couple who owns this English pub are probably singing "Hey Diddle Diddle" in praise of the venue's spacious star-lit courtyard. All ages, no cover.

Coconut Teaszer, 8117 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, (213) 654-4773. Another reason to revisit this old rock 'n' roll hang is its veranda, which faces the Sunset Strip in all its glory. 18 and over (except Monday and Tuesday), cover varies.

Dragonfly, 6510 Santa Monica Blvd., Hollywood, (213) 466-6111. The mother of all patios, the creme of the deck. If Hollywood courtyards had a pecking order, Dragonfly's would slay the competition. 21 and over, cover varies.

Goldfingers, 6423 Yucca St., Hollywood, (213) 962-2913. Hollywood club-crawlers are still lighting up the night in "Pussy Galore's Patio," which fills out this James Bond-themed club. 21 and over, cover varies.

Opium Den, 1605 N. Ivar Ave., Hollywood, (213) 466-7800. Who wants to hang out inside the Den, when you can step into the courtyard and bum a smoke off Marilyn Manson? 21 and over, cover varies.

Tempest, 7323 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood, (213) 850-5115. Now we know why Michael Najjar bought Checca recently and transformed it into Tempest--he was attracted by the great outdoors, where clouds hovered o'erhead on New Year's Eve as 100 people crammed onto the patio to ring in the new. 18 and over, cover varies.

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