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Sheriff's Commander Retires After 33 Years

January 10, 1998|ROB SELNA

Sheriff's Cmdr. Merwyn Dowd, one of the department's top officials, retired this week after 33 years of service.

Dowd, 54, has served as manager of the Court Services Bureau since 1993 and has filled a number of roles for the Sheriff's Department, from conducting juvenile outreach programs to managing the aviation and planning and research units.

After attending Ventura College, Dowd joined the Sheriff's Department in 1965. His first assignment was guarding inmates at the Main Jail in Ventura.

Dowd was promoted to senior deputy in 1969 and lieutenant in 1975, a job that included commanding the East Valley Detective Bureau for two years. From 1988 to 1993, Dowd administered the patrol units in the west county.

Dowd currently oversees the bureau that provides bailiffs and security for both county courthouses.

"Cmdr. Dowd has been a solid player on the sheriff's management team," said Sheriff Larry Carpenter. "He has always been bright, articulate and dependable. His ability to fill the void and get the job done in an exemplary manner has always been valuable."

Dowd, a Ventura resident, said that although he liked his job, he looks forward to retirement. He officially stepped down Thursday.

"It's been a wonderful 33 years. I enjoyed the work immensely," Dowd said. " . . . I plan to do volunteer work in the community, at the library or hospital, wherever they need help."

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