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Flying Pillows

January 11, 1998|NANCY WRIDE

In his previous job selling reflective highway lane-dividers around the country, George Thomas usually departed planes sleepless with a stiff neck. His problem: The inflatable U-shaped pillows did not prevent his head from slumping forward.

Perhaps, thought Thomas, what one needed was a good Snoozzzzz. So the Newport Beach inventor designed one.

What Thomas came up with is a compact pillow that secures to the airplane seat with Velcro straps. Another strap with a large, padded blindfold secures the passenger to the pillow.

Thomas fine-tuned his idea with Newport Beach friend Jack Linscott, who he says invented the quick-release fanny packs popular with law enforcement officers.

An America West airlines rep seems quite interested, Thomas says, and he is hoping American Airlines will include the Snoozzzzz in its in-flight catalogs.

Meantime, it's available for $32 by calling Thomas at (714) 723-1869.

"I'd like Snoozzzzz to be a household word," Thomas says. "Like Karl Malden's American Express commercial: 'Don't leave home without it!' "

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