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Smart Aleck

January 11, 1998

The question Dec. 28: Actress Hunter Tylo was awarded $5 million in damages for being fired from "Melrose Place" because she becamepregnant. What other entertainers do you think deserve legal damages?

Richard Simmons. Although a compassionate man and a savior for the obesity-challenged, he is mercilessly ridiculed by talk show hosts who routinely take potshots at him. It's mean, mean, so pay up!

Sharon Karp

Los Angeles


Jerry Springer. He should file a lawsuit against all the other talk show hosts because they got all the good guests.

Of course all the members from the rock group KISS should be entitled to legal damages because they were all forced to walk around without their make-up.

Arnold Schwarzenegger should reap millions for all the years he's had to endure taking the mediocre cardboard film roles, never being allowed to flex his real acting talent and show the world what he's really made of.

David Montoya


Hopefully Ms. Tylo and Ms. Allred [Tylo's attorney] will give to an appropriate charity, proving that professional women aren't all self-serving.

P.L. Magallanes

El Monte


Sylvester Stallone should sue the makers of "Copland" for making him get fat for nothing.

Emmanuel Rustia

Chino Hills


Let's award damages to the multitudes of black entertainers who were not allowed to work or frequent white venues and whose acts were stolen by white entertainers who routinely "crossed the tracks" in search of inspiration only to lay claim and take credit for this material as their own. Like Harold Stumpy Cromer of Stump & Stumpy, who worked for 50 years in vaudeville and comedy and whose team of Stump & Stumpy had an act of physical slapstick and humor that was very closely studied and adopted by Jerry Lewis & Dean Martin; or Don Sugar Cane Harris of Don & Dewey, who sang and established their particular style of vocal harmonies with songs like "Justine," and who were later copied by the Righteous Brothers in style, arrangement & song.

M.G. Trautmann

Culver City


The court acted to uphold L.A.'s position as the world's leading lunatic asylum. Considering that the city gave Rodney King $6 million, was the court stingy this Christmas? Everyone pays for these idiotic gifts in higher taxes and insurance costs.

Michael Geraghty

Marina del Rey

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