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Knocked Sensible

January 11, 1998

Regarding Charles M. Brown's letter (Dec. 28) saying that he had never seen anyone hit by falling luggage, let me tell you my story: I was sitting in my seat while the plane was loading when I spotted a woman a few rows in front of me, on the other side, stuffing a medium-size hard-sided bag into the luggage compartment and holding the bag while she closed the door. Before I could get there to protest, an elderly woman opened that compartment and was hit between the eyes by that suitcase.

Would you believe that the bag's owner put it right back? I told her to remove the bag. She wanted to know who I was, and I told her I was a passenger. Since she had a bulkhead seat, she wanted to know where she should put her bag. I suggested that she ship it through. Another passenger offered to let her use some under-the-seat space. The owner of the bag opened the compartment door very gingerly as she removed her bag.

The injured woman later left the plane in a wheelchair.


Los Angeles

Regarding Charles M. Brown's letter: It is not fair that all those people bring four or more cases and use up all the overhead bins and leave no room for the honest people who only carry one per person. These people just do not want to wait in line at the baggage claim.

I hope the airlines do not back down, and charge them heftily for extra luggage.



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