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It's Pizza and French Fries, Then Back to Work

January 12, 1998|CANDACE A. WEDLAN

Kiana Tom has you working your collective keisters off all week long during ESPN2's "Kiana's Flex Appeal," but the fitness trainer does understand how, come the weekend, you might skip a workout and visit the pizza parlor.

"Once a week I will have a cheat day," Tom said of her own diet during a phone interview. "Usually, extra-well-done French fries and pizza." She says she looks forward to cheat day after eating lean and healthy the other six.

Breakfast is usually six scrambled egg whites, dry whole wheat or sourdough toast with low-sugar fruit spread or apple butter, fruit, protein shake and coffee. Two or three hours later, she'll have tuna mixed with plain nonfat yogurt, lettuce and tomato on a bagel and another protein shake. For lunch, grilled chicken and steamed rice.

"I eat four to five small meals a day," Tom said. "If I go too long without eating, I'll get tired or a little cranky,"

So, after lunch she'll have a piece of fruit. The cut-up vegetables in the refrigerator at home stave off the munchies before she starts cooking dinner: chicken or grilled fish, vegetables, baked potato or rice.

"I have a major sweet tooth," she confesses, "so I make a lot of the sugar-free and fat-free things like Jell-O and brownies."

Tom trains first thing in the morning, devoting an hour and a half per session to free weights and machines: chest on Monday; legs on Tuesday; the back on Wednesday; shoulders on Thursday; biceps and triceps on Friday. She works on abs and calves every other day.

"I'm trying to add more size in my arms, so I do heavy curls," Tom said.

Three times a week, she puts in 30 to 45 minutes on cardiovascular work--treadmill, riding a mountain bike, in-line skating or running on the beach with her dog Flex.

On weekends, she might go to the gym for a total-body workout. But "if I don't feel like going in, I won't."

She will, however, double up on her exercise the next day. Maybe that's why the pizza doesn't show.


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