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Active Rock

January 18, 1998

It should come as no surprise that active rock is missing from L.A. radio (Pop Eye, Jan 11). Radio in large markets like Los Angeles is no longer about music; it is about money. Active rock appeals to a core group of listeners who, while dedicated, lack the purchasing power of the masses addicted to formulaic music. Corporate-owned radio stations have no choice but to ignore pure rock 'n' roll in favor of bland, commercially successful formats.

Bands on the cutting edge of music will not be heard on L.A. radio; they will be heard in the remaining few clubs willing to take a chance on garage bands whose style and music are not determined by focus group studies.

Real rock 'n' roll is found on the Sunset Strip.



Will someone take whoever coined the phrase "active rock" (for hard rock) and drown them? Please! Hard rock is also known as "ass-kicking rock 'n' roll." "Active rock" sounds like a term Richard Simmons would use for an exercise video. Gimmeabreak!

L.A. radio is a joke. Alternative (boring), pop-rock (boring) and classic rock (boring) may have their fans, but there are millions of hard-rock fans (ranging in age from preteen to senior citizens) who are angry because there is nowhere on the radio dial they can turn to to hear current hard-rock music.

Oh well. Radio's loss will be Net-gain.



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