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Smart aleck

January 18, 1998

The question Jan. 4: "As of the first of the year, smokers are barred from lighting up in California bars. What further measures should the state take to weed out the smoking habit?"

People may not smoke in their cars if they are transporting minors. People smoking in their cars must keep the windows rolled up.

Kathy Fisher, La Crescenta

Have the official state smoker's motto proclaim, "I'm a butthead."

Rose Hayden-Smith, Davis

Round up all the smokers in California and truck them to a fenced-in area in Utah!

Ban cigarette lighters and matches from the state.

Place a bounty on anyone seen in a Joe Camel or Marlboro T-shirt, baseball cap, etc. They may be shot on sight and a $1,000 reward will be given when delivered to the state Capitol lawn in Sacramento.

I just feel sorry for the consumer product or products the politicians and "do-gooders" choose to pick on when they are finished with the tobacco industry.

Paul Wilhour, Tuscany Hills

Smoking and drinking go hand in hand. The next step should be to ban alcohol.

Harlie Cooley, Laguna Hills

If the state can make motorcyclists and kid cyclists wear helmets, they ought to make smokers wear goldfish bowls over their heads.

Rick Bramhall, Lake Elsinore

The state should require bar owners to furnish cellular phones and Polaroid cameras to nonsmokers so that scofflaws can be reported, identified and executed.

Dwight Cates, Ventura

Smokers should pay health premiums that fully cover their own increased medical costs. Allow one-time $5,000 tax credit to smokers who pass an accredited no-smoking program.

Michael A. Glueck, MD

Newport Beach

Give every smoker $1 million and his/her very own psychiatrist who also needs to stop smoking. We'd all be safe then, right?

B. D. Barbsky, Riverside

When smokers buy a pack of cigarettes, one will have an explosive in it--so the smoker will be afraid to light up, fearing a facial laceration.

Brian Holiday, Mission Hills

Absolutely no further measures should be taken. Good grief, get a life! If you don't like smoking, stay out of bars! Or can you only pick on a minority--a typical solution of mankind?

W. Knight, Seal Beach

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