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Pint-Sized Laugh Lines

January 18, 1998

* Why did the dragon spit out the clown? It tasted funny. (Tiffany Randall, 11, Phelan, Quail Valley Middle School)

* Where do sheep get haircuts? At the baa-baa shop. (Alison Michelle Berry, 9, Glendora, Washington Elementary)

* Why did the basketball player hold his nose? Someone was taking a foul shot. (Patrick Gidney, 9, Trabuco Canyon, Robinson Elementary)

* What did the judge say when skunks walked into the courtroom? "Odor in the court." (Kyra Carney, 9, Trabuco Canyon, Robinson Elementary)

* How do you communicate with a fish? Drop him a line. (Cami Poblete, 9, Trabuco Canyon, Robinson Elementary)

* Why did the dirty chicken cross the road twice? Because he was a dirty double-crosser. (Emily Hoffenberg, 11, Newport, St. Margret's)

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