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He's Gone, but the Beat Goes On

January 18, 1998|AARON DAVIS

This was taken from a live chat on the TalkCity Web service last week. The discussion was about the sudden death of entertainer-turned-politician Sonny Bono.

day2day: I guess now they go in twos. Princess Di / Mother Teresa and now Michael Kennedy and Sonny Bono.

simcity: i was skiing in south lake tahoe at the time all this occurred. I couldn't believe what my ears were hearing. From now on I will be wearing a helmet on my next ski trip.

davidlamb: Ive been trying desperately to buy Sonny's Autobiography.

day2day: david: "And the Beat Goes On" is the name of it. I have a copy. I think it's out of print.

solice: The Palm Springs shop owners have made sure not to take advantage by jacking up prices for memorabilia. It was said that it wouldn't be in keeping with Sonny's legacy.

KITTY450: my husband attended the Palm Springs film festival. I never really paid too much attention to him before his sudden death but later learned that he was an admirable man. He did plenty for the city as the mayor.

AMOUR51: Politically Im opposed to celebs taking part in government for many reasons. But looking over his career as Mayor of Palm Springs and seeing the progress the city has made, I cannot but change my exceptional opinions.

RU2B: Does anyone remember his restaurant here in LA called "Bonos"? It was on Melrose.

ROBO64: I did. Frequented quite often. Didn't last long. Loved the food, especially the spaghetti. Had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Bono a couple of times.

2smiles: The last I remember seeing Sonny on TV was on Fantasy Island.

charins: I remember as a child I couldn't wait to watch the Sonny and Cher show. I just loved Cher's many collections of wigs.

ROBO64: Cher gave a beautiful speech at the funeral. They met when she was 16. Boy, has times changed.

RU2B: When I was first engaged "I Got You Babe" had just hit the airwaves. It has been our song ever since.

SIXTYZ: My favorite was "The Beat Goes On."

simcity: there was talk about him being a divorced catholic and not having received an annulment you are no longer to take communion or any of the other sacraments. to clarify things . . . the only time a divorced catholic is not supposed to receive the sacraments is when they have remarried w / o an annulment. which annulments are supposed to be confidential.

charins: Whenever someone as gracious as sonny leaves the world, it is a sad day. Even though I was not born when the Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour was on I have caught the reruns. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family during this tragic time and I only hope everyone remembers sonny for what he was, a great person.

suzzett: Sonny you will be missed. R.I.P.

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