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Tiny Bottles

January 21, 1998

Sometimes, you've just got to have exquisite condiments and preserves. From Italy come these eggplant slices (melanzane a filetti) and funghi di muschio mushrooms for your antipasto plate and a luscious olive paste (pate piccante) for sandwiches. Appropriately, Mothers of Maine preserves, such as candied carrot jam and walnut-beet conserve, are made by mothers in rural Maine.

Condiments, $6.49 to $9.69, at Say Cheese, Silver Lake.

I (Egg) You

Anybody at all might want to fry an egg or a pancake in the shape of a heart, particularly around Valentine's Day, though only a parent is likely to need teddy bear or dinosaur shapes. All these shapes are possible with these rings, which have wooden handles for cool handling.

Egg/Pancake Rings, package of two, $4.25, at Surfas, Culver City.

The Cure for Borek Blues

Filo dough is a convenience food for baklava, but for the little Middle Eastern pies called boreks, you still have to slice it into strips. That is, unless you get this filo (or yufka, as it's called in Turkish) all ready for rolling. It's vacuum-sealed in plastic; no defrosting needed.

Sevgi's Yufka, $5, Bucharest Grocery & Deli, Hollywood.

Super Chip Bowl

You know you want it, or somebody you know wants it. It's a chip bowl shaped like a football with dip compartments at both ends, complete with Super Bowl napkins.

Hallmark Super Bowl napkins, $2.69, and chip bowl, $2.49, at stationery stores.

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