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Starr Inquiry Widens

January 22, 1998

Independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr has spent more than three years investigating the Whitewater affair. Starr is now looking into reports that President Clinton was sexually involved with a former White House intern and tried to get her to lie about it. Highlights of the Starr investigation:

August 1994: Starr is appointed by U.S. Court of Appeals panel to replace Robert B. Fiske Jr.

December 1994: Webster L. Hubbell pleads guilty to overbilling legal clients and defrauding his partners in the Rose Law Firm.

January 1996: First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton responds to subpoena from Starr and testifies about missing law firm billing records.

May 1996: James B. McDougal and his former wife, Susan, are convicted on fraud and conspiracy charges, along with then-Arkansas Gov. Jim Guy Tucker.

February 1997: Starr postpones taking post at Pepperdine University until investigation is completed.

August 1997: Starr inquiry moves into its fourth year.

October 1997: Starr report concludes that Deputy White House Counsel Vincent Foster took his own life.

November 1997: Starr requests White House videotapes, seeking evidence that Clinton arranged employment for Hubbell, a target of the probe.

Jan. 20, 1998: A panel of federal judges authorizes Starr to investigate whether Clinton encouraged a woman to testify falsely regarding the nature of their relationship.

Compiled by Maloy Moore, Los Angeles Editorial Library

Source: Los Angeles Times

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