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Easter Seal Society Offers Water Classes

January 23, 1998|SCOTT STEEPLETON

The Tri-Counties Easter Seal Society is offering water classes for fun and therapy at its heated pool in Ventura.

Among the offerings are "watsu," a form of shiatsu massage in the water, tai chi or moving meditation, and swimming lessons for all ages.

The pool, at 10730 Henderson Road, makes movement easier for those with certain body pains, said Runda Esquillo, rehabilitation director with the Tri-Counties Easter Seal Society.

The pool, which is heated to 94 degrees, "is a sensory stimulation that helps to relieve any discomfort or pain that a person might be having," Esquillo said.

Other classes are geared for people with arthritis or who have suffered a stroke, and those who have a physician-approved aquatic exercise program.

Some of the classes require a prescription.

For a schedule of classes and prices, call the Tri-Counties Easter Seal Society at (805) 647-9276.

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