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A Guy's Place Is in His Cool Zone

January 24, 1998|MARK CHALON SMITH

Men have their cool zones, the spots they can call their own.

For Tony Lomeli of Westminster, it's the garage. His tools, car and weights are all there. It's Lomeli's fortress of solitude where none dare intrude.

"When I'm lifting weights or working on my Corvette, that's the time for my wife and kids to leave me alone," Lomeli said with a laugh. "It's a good time for me to kind of blank out and forget my responsibilities."

Carl Breland of Fountain Valley doesn't have enough free space in his garage to do anything, much less ponder and regroup, but he does have a spacious den. When settled in, say, watching football, his wife pretty much stays away, he says.

"It's where I close my mind a little, and I read there too," Breland said. "[My wife] hangs out there, too [but] she hates football and wouldn't be caught in there when I'm watching."

Bob Wingate lives alone in an apartment in Seal Beach. His favorite room is not even in his unit.

"I love to play pool," he said, "and there's a good pool table down in the rec room near the swimming pool. I'm there a lot to relax and meet friends."

Then there's Gary Warren, also of Seal Beach. Warren has a little Al Bundy in him, calling the bathroom the best place in the whole house. When the door is closed, his wife and kids know to keep away.

"I read magazines or think," Warren said. "There's something cool about the bathroom, like you can have privacy without worrying about it. You can just keep everybody out for a while."

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