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DWP Renews Its Toilet-Rebate Offer

January 24, 1998|SYLVIA L. OLIANDE

Area residents may still take advantage of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power's toilet rebate program, a move officials said would save on water and water bills.

The drought of the early 1990s convinced many people to give up their water-guzzling commodes when the DWP originally offered a rebate for them, but DWP officials said participation in the rebate program has dropped the last few years.

The DWP has given away an estimated $60 million in rebates and replaced nearly 30% of the old toilets citywide with new, eco-friendly ones since the toilet rebate program began in 1990.

But DWP conservation program directors said rebate requests have dropped off the last few years, probably because people have simply forgotten about the offer.

In the program, DWP single-family residential customers receive a $100 rebate if they replace old, nonconserving models with a new program-approved, low-flush toilets.

All others receive $75 per toilet, with no limit to the number of rebates per household or business, officials said.

Also, to increase the turnover throughout the city, the DWP set up partnerships with local organizations to provide approved toilets free to residents who bring in their old ones.

To receive an approved bowl, Valley residents may contact the Valley Conservation Office, 7032 Darby Ave., Reseda, or call (818) 758-8288.

Because rebates are subject to available funds, customers must call to participate in the rebate program, at (800) 610-9682.

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