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Residents Say Traffic Is Biggest Problem

January 24, 1998|TOM BECKER

Traffic is Studio City's biggest problem, according to a survey conducted by the area's residents association.

The Studio City Residents Assn.-sponsored survey also found that people disagreed on the direction the community is headed, with 38% saying the area has improved while 35% said things have deteriorated in recent years.

The nonscientific survey asked 15 questions, ranging from community issues to opinions on the association itself.

"With this study we feel we're right on target with what our residents want," said Tony Lucente, association president.

However, even Lucente said he was surprised at the huge gap between the first and second most-cited issues of concern to area residents. Traffic ranked first in that category at 33% and airport noise and reducing crime tied for second at 8% apiece.

Traffic concerns are not new for Studio City. Foremost among them is the proposed $1-billion expansion of Universal City, which has led to a lengthy battle between theme park officials and residents over whether the expansion will negatively affect the area.

Lack of parking has long been an issue. Residents hoped for some relief when the city agreed last year to purchase land on Ventura Boulevard between Laurel Canyon Boulevard and Whitsett Avenue and fund the construction of a public parking facility. Although a few parking spaces have been added in that area, construction on the parking facility has yet to begin.

"There are still a lot of parking problems in Studio City and that definitely falls under the heading of traffic," Lucente said. The neareven findings of whether the community has improved or deteriorated also came as bit of a surprise for Lucente.

While Studio City is prospering economically, he said some quality-of-life issues probably led to the differing opinions.

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