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Blue Line Bridge

January 25, 1998

Here's a great idea for the completed Blue Line light rail bridge across the Los Angeles River.

Because this project is on hold indefinitely, the bridge has the distinction of becoming our very own urban "bridge to nowhere." Since the bridge is finished, but the tracks not installed, simple modifications can convert the bridge for use as a bikeway bridge. This will provide a low-cost, safe alternative for cyclists commuting into downtown from the north and the east who must negotiate the narrow and dangerous Spring Street and Broadway bridges.

At such time funding becomes available for the Blue Line, the bridge could be easily converted back to rail use. Let's not let this great resource go to waste!


Los Angeles Bicycle Advisory

Committee, Sierra Madre

* Can it be possible that the MTA has finally learned from the past and the present?

The past is that when the Los Angeles Pacific Railway (taken over by the Pacific Electric in 1911) began extension of the transit system into the Valley in 1910, it did not tunnel through the hills, but took the natural pass through Cahuenga.

Currently, no one is building subways, but cities all over the country are constructing and expanding light rail (surface) lines. The latter cost one-fifth of subways, and elevated lines are one-half the expense.


Los Angeles

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