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Smokin' in the Boys Room

January 26, 1998|MARTIN MILLER

Hey, gents, need another reason to stop smoking? More sex. According to a recent California study of married men ages 21 to 64, those who stopped smoking had almost twice as much sex (2.6 times per week) as those who still smoked. The main reason, the study concluded, is that tobacco use lowers testosterone levels. This study could become as effective as "the patch" in halting smoking.


There are sweaty palms and then there's palmar hyperhidrosis. The latter is a pathological condition that can leave a sufferer cupping a hand full of palm perspiration in minutes. The causes of the condition are not completely understood, but Dr. Rafeal Reisfeld, a Beverly Hills surgeon, claims to have a 99% success rate in curing the embarrassing problem. It's a new surgical technique he developed, no doubt, by the sweat of his own brow.

Chew On This

It could be bad dreams, it could be bad luck, but for whatever reason, an estimated 15% of Americans clench and grind their teeth at night. The condition, known as bruxism, can accelerate tooth decay and gum disease. To protect teeth, many dentists prescribe a mouth guard, which costs, on average, $275. A company called Dental Solutions has developed GrindGuard, which sells for $12.95. That should help take care of some nightmares. Information: (888) 319-6672.

Physician Heal Thyself

He was a successful doctor, a loving husband, but like millions of Americans, Dr. Ronald C. Roth of St. John's Hospital in Santa Monica had a problem with snoring. Actually, Roth's wife, Nancy, had the bigger problem--she wasn't getting a lot of shut-eye. Ironically, Roth is one of four doctors at his hospital who performs a new procedure called somnoplasty, which is designed to reduce snoring. Recently, Roth underwent the same-day surgery courtesy of a close colleague. Did it work? "I must be snoring less because Nancy hasn't been swatting me," he said.

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