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The President's Office

January 27, 1998

Independent Counsel Kenneth W. Starr is investigating what may have gone on between President Clinton and a former White House intern in the West Wing, which houses dozens of offices for the president's top advisors.

1. President Clinton, Oval Office

2. Clinton's study

3. Rahm Emanuel, senior advisor for policy and strategy

4. John Podesta, deputy chief of staff

5. Erskine Bowles, chief of staff

6. Vice President Al Gore

7. Samuel R. "Sandy" Berger, national security advisor

8. James Steinberg, deputy national security advisor

9. Amy Weiss Tobe, deputy press secretary for operations

10. Douglas B. Sosnik, counselor to the president

11. Mike McCurry, press secretary

12. Cabinet

13. Sylvia Mathews, deputy chief of staff

14. Cheryl Mills, deputy White House counsel

15. Charles F.C. Ruff, White House counsel

16. Hillary Rodham Clinton

17. Melanne Verveer, first lady's chief of staff

18. Bruce Reed, assistant to the president for domestic policy

19. Gene Sperling, assistant to the president for economic policy and head of the National Economic Council

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