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Cable TV Service Found Satisfactory

January 28, 1998|COLL METCALFE

City Council members have passed a resolution declaring that Comcast Cablevision's service adequately meets the needs of the community.

The council's vote Monday came at the end of an annual review of the cable giant's service in the city, based on a list of minimum standards set forth in a 1990 franchise agreement between the company and the city.

The city uses the annual review to determine whether to fine the company if those standards are not met.

Comcast Cablevision has been the city's sole cable provider since the contract was signed in February 1990.

During the 1996-97 fiscal year, Comcast added 5.73 miles of new cable, which brought the company's 42-channel service to another 571 homes.

In the coming year, the company expects to lay as much as 12 miles of new cable, which Comcast officials expect will add 971 homes to the system.

The company also is moving ahead on a commitment it made to the city to upgrade the existing cable system by 2000.

While still working to complete the first phase of this three-phase project, Comcast has already replaced 115 miles of old cable with a new, higher-capacity cable.

Comcast Cablevision will also be changing rates and several service fees beginning next month. The current $27.08 monthly cost for the basic cable package will increase to $27.95 to reflect inflation.

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