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Laugh Lines

Pint-Sized Punch Lines

January 28, 1998

* Why did the student eat his homework? The teacher told him it was a piece of cake. (Saul Castaneda, 9, Redondo Beach, Lincoln Elementary)

* What is a plant's favorite time of year? The fernal equinox. (Nolan Madrid, 7, Tustin, El Dorado Emmerson School)

* How did the guard dog greet visitors to the castle? "Bark, who goes there?" (Yvonne de Beixedon, 12, L.A., Our Sister of St. Ekins)

* What is the biggest word in the world? "Smiles," because there is a mile in every smile. (Nafeesh Andrabi, 7, Claremont, Sycamore School)

* What kind of card game do porcupines play? Poker. (David Ramos, 9, La Habra, St. Stephens School)

* Why are red and green the colors of Christmas? Because you spend all your green before Christmas, and it leaves you in the red. (Keith Hershey, 12, North Hills, L.A. Baptist High School)

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