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Hate Snow, Youuu Knoooow

January 28, 1998|MIKE BRESNAHAN

When it rains in Southern California, Brianna Kentfield doesn't mind. It's probably snowing back home in the Midwest.

Kentfield, a center at Hart High, spent the past 10 years in Minnesota and Iowa, picking up plenty of winter clothes . . . and an accent that rivals Frances McDormand's in "Fargo."

A 6-foot-2 junior, Kentfield is sometimes generous with the long vowel sounds ("youuu knoooow"), but doesn't deliver the long "yaaahs" like McDormand in the film.

"My basketball coach sometimes is like, 'What?' " Kentfield said.

More often than not, Coach Dave Munroe is willing to look past any dialect differences.

Kentfield is second in scoring (8.9 points per game) and rebounding (6.3) for the Indians (16-2), ranked No. 3 in the region by The Times.

"She gets better all the time," Munroe said, pointing out Kentfield's 23-point, 11-rebound performance against Alemany.

Kentfield, who was born in Glendale and lived in Manhattan Beach for six years before moving to Iowa, returned to Southern California last summer after her parents' divorce. Kentfield lives with her mother.

The weather is "way different," Kentfield said, and she can't be happier as to the current whereabouts of her winter attire.

"Everything's in boxes," she said.

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