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Traffic Survey Notes Gridlock-Prone Sites

January 29, 1998|TOM BECKER

Beverly Glen Boulevard tops the list of streets for motorists to avoid, according to findings of a recent traffic survey conducted by the Sherman Oaks Homeowners Assn.

The study of Sherman Oaks-area traffic, conducted by surveying residents from June to November last year, also listed the intersections of Coldwater Canyon and Ventura boulevards and Mulholland Drive and Roscomare Road as gridlock culprits.

"We're hoping that this study will make it easier for the people who can better this situation to solve these problems," said Andrew Zucker, an association member who conducted the study.

The problem is evident during a drive through Sherman Oaks on a late afternoon. Long rows of cars sit idling, the drivers eagerly advancing a yard here and there whenever the opportunity presents itself. Back ends of vehicles stick out into intersections as drivers wait as long as 10 minutes to advance past a traffic signal--watching it repeatedly change from green to yellow to red.

Zucker said he has submitted a copy of the findings, which include a list of 40 areas prone to congestion, speeding, flooding and other problems, to the office of Councilman Mike Feuer, who represents the area.

The findings are being released just as Feuer is taking his own steps to tackle the problems. A spokesman at the councilman's office said Feuer is working with the city Department of Transportation to find creative ways to ease gridlock on canyon boulevards. Installing a video-monitoring system at intersections, placing signs listing fines for contributing to gridlock, and adjusting traffic-signal timing are among the ideas being considered, according to a spokesman for the councilman.

"We're exploring any and all possibilities," said Josh Lowenthal, field deputy officer for Feuer.

Traffic appears to be a growing concern in the Valley. Last week, traffic topped the list of concerns of Studio City residents in a poll conducted by the Studio City Residents Assn.

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