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Laugh Lines

Pint-Sized Punch Lines

January 29, 1998

* What do you call the wild teenager who lives next door? The neighbor hood. (Joshua Schwartz, 6, Tarzana, Castlemont School)

* Why did the basketball player throw the ball into the water? Because the coach told him to sink it. (Ryan Glick, 7, West Los Angeles, Castle Heights School)

* Why did the little boy put sugar on his pillow? So he could have sweet dreams. (Adam Glick, 5, West Los Angeles, Castle Heights School)

* When is the best time to cook eggs? At the crack of dawn. (Zoe Marshall-Smith, 10, Santa Barbara, Marymount School)

* Why didn't the toaster get married? He was afraid to pop the question. (Maureen Wiley, 11, Santa Barbara, Marymount School)

* What do you call a sleeping bull? A bulldozer. (Eliana Lopez, 8, Los Angeles, Eagle Rock Montessori)

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