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Laugh Lines

Pint-Sized Punch Lines

July 03, 1998

What is a vampire's favorite beer? Bloodweiser. (Leela Veeravalli, 9, Cerritos, Gonsalves Elementary)

* Who wears a coat in the winter and pants in the summer? A dog. (Catherine Yoo, 8, Irvine, College Park School)

* Where do computers go on their vacation? New York, because it's the Big Apple. (Karen Hernandez, 8, Canoga Park, Hart Street Elementary)

* What kind of pizza do dogs like? Pupperoni. (Nicholas P. Hampl, 8, Atascadero, San Benito Elementary)

* How can you turn bleach into a swim center? Take away the "l." (Eliana Hill, 10, Culver City, Ohr Eliyahu Academy)

* Why didn't the turkey cross the road? He was eaten at Thanksgiving. (Amanda White, 7, Whittier, Meadow Green School)

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