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Dismissal of Suit Against Holden Upheld

July 10, 1998

The state Court of Appeal on Thursday upheld the dismissal of all sexual harassment claims filed against City Councilman Nate Holden by a former receptionist in his City Hall office.

Holden, who has denied any wrongdoing, prevailed in a Superior Court lawsuit brought against him by Marlee Beyda, one of three aides who filed sexual harassment lawsuits against him.

In the Beyda case, the former receptionist appealed the 1995 Superior Court ruling, arguing that the court erroneously excluded what she contended was evidence of sexual harassment of other employees by Holden.

But the Court of Appeal, affirming the Superior Court, ruled, "We conclude that while evidence of this sort may be relevant to the determination of a hostile work environment, in this case the plaintiff did not present, or offer to present, the necessary foundational facts to permit its admission."

Holden's attorney, Skip Miller, praised the court decision.

"We're obviously very pleased this case is finally over," Miller said. "It's all over."

Holden faces another trial, however. The 2nd Appellate District Court in March overturned a decision in another sexual harassment case against the councilman by former aide Carla Cavalier. That court ruled that Holden must undergo a trial on her allegations.

A third aide's sexual harassment suit against Holden was dropped.

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