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July 13, 1998|NICOLE VARGAS

What: Nintendo 64 and PlayStation World Cup 98

Price: $59.99.

To the disappointment of soccer fans everywhere, the World Cup has ended. However, if you haven't had enough, there is a way to recapture the nostalgia of the world's largest sporting event whenever you like.

World Cup 98 is one of the newest video games available and is worth the price. The game goes above and beyond the typical video soccer game; the graphics are sharp, the characters are fun to watch and even those of us who remember Atari can have a good time on the video soccer field.

This game has a lot of the features common to newer video soccer games, such as choices of teams, locations, climate and time of day. Other choices include modifying strategies and adjusting the strictness of the referees.

Games can be friendly or tournament-style, but even the friendly games can be filled with red cards. Up to four players can compete at a time, and with 40 teams available, this could keep kids or adults occupied for hours.

The teams have varying skill levels. Don't expect to beat the computer with teams such as South Korea or Jamaica unless you have an advanced degree in Nintendo.

So pull up a seat, plug in PlayStation to the TV, grab a couple of buddies and play video soccer, World Cup style. If you need some futbol, this is the way to get it. At least for the next four years.

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