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Gothic and Beyond


Attention, all Goths, mods and other fun-lovin' folks: Here's some clubs you can really sink your teeth into, prosthetic or otherwise. . . .

Absinthe at the Probe on Wednesdays, 836 N. Highland Ave., Hollywood, (323) 461-8301. Dress to impress at this newcomer in the darkwave dancing underworld of Los Angeles, which took its name from the toxic cocktail of wormwood oil and anise. 18 and over, call for cover.

Asylum at the World on Fridays, 7070 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, (323) 457-7070. This club should come with padded walls, seeing as Hollywood's filled with bona fide nut cases. Instead, Asylum's two rooms attempt to soothe the masses with trance and techno music in one dance area, and '80s new wave, industrial and Gothic music in the other. 18 and over, $10 cover.

Coven 13 vs. Shout! at the World on July 26, 7070 Hollywood Blvd., (323) 769-5500. Combining the Gothic underworld with the new school of mods results in one hot dance party. There's so many well-groomed boys in one place it's a veritable babe-o-rama. Rev up you' scooters, it's going to be a bumpin' night. 18 and over, $10 cover.

Fang Club at LunaPark on Sundays, 665 N. Robertson Blvd., West Hollywood, (818) 848-7937 or (310) 652-0611. Catch this dance club while you can, because vampires have this way of morphing into bats and flitting away before you can say, "Boo." 18 and over, $6 cover.

Four of Clubs at the Hollywood Athletic Club on July 31, 6525 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, (323) 951-7079 and (323) 769-5500. The gang's all here at this 4-in-1 nightclub, which launches its first monthly gala on July 31, and is scheduled to reappear every last Friday of the month thereafter. Goth promoters Jason Lavitt and Joseph Brooks teamed up with the gals behind Cafe Bleu, Fix magazine and a whole lotta other club scenesters to launch this fiesta, which offers a mishmash of Gothic, Northern Soul, Britpop and techno, allowing club-goers from all walks of life to find some palatable beat to dance to. 18 and over, call for cover.

Sin-A-Matic at 7969 on Saturdays, 7969 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood, (323) 654-0280. Nothing can stop this 8-year-old fetish club, not grunge, not ska, not Britpop--nada--so when folks wanna whip it good with the darker side of techno, there's only one club, and it's Sin-A-Matic. 21 and over, $10 cover.

The Reflex at Naga on Wednesdays, 600 Queensway Drive, Long Beach, (714) 405-4000. Calling all fans of '80s dance music: The Reflex is a new new-wave dance club, which lures in its guests with a hearty retro diet. 18 and over, $5 cover (free before 10 p.m.).

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