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Rudat Warns About Screening for Chief

July 18, 1998|LESLEY WRIGHT

Potential candidates for the job of police chief might shy away, the city manager says, if they face screening by a committee of residents.

"The issue of confidentiality being compromised could prevent some applicants from even applying," David L. Rudat told City Council members this week.

The council agreed to postpone a decision so Rudat could survey other cities about the process.

The committee was suggested last month by Councilman Michael Alvarez.

"This is just giving the public the chance to directly question the person who might be the next chief of police," Alvarez said. "It is just one piece of the process, but it's an important piece."

Alvarez and Councilman Dan Slater had voted against the firing of Police Chief John R. Robertson in February.

Some community activists, particularly those who had supported Robertson, then urged that a committee be formed to select the new chief.

Residents should contact City Hall to discuss qualities they want to see in a chief, Rudat said. His proposal for the formal search, he said, may be ready by the council's July 28 meeting.

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