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Dr. Fun's Ways to Enjoy the Game of Life

July 18, 1998|MICHAEL BAKER

Here are three games from Dr. Fun's book:

Be Each Other

Throughout dinner, each family member takes turns being one another, adopting that person's mannerisms and habits.

At the start of the game, however, everyone should be reminded to consider each others feelings and be kind. If played properly, the game is a chance to discover valuable insight on your own behavior, Krane said.

Elevator Roulette

Usually best with two or more people. Get into an elevator, close the door, hit the buttons for all the floors and then swing into a song you have all agreed upon. As the doors open, you can either be bold and continue singing, or act normal and pretend that you don't know the other people in the elevator.

Clown Nose

Each person in the house hides an autographed clown nose in a designated room. The next time two people get into a big argument, either one can shout out, "Clown Nose, Clown Nose." The other shouts, "Go," and whoever finds the other's nose first gets to be right and gets their way in the dispute.

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