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smart aleck

July 19, 1998

The question July 5: Government employees say they notice an increase in rudeness from the public. Who would you most like to see enrolled in a class that teaches good manners?

The entire population of Generation X.

Gregory Clark

via Internet

Eighty percent of Los Angelenos of all ages could use that class. But two seats per students must be provided--otherwise, where would they put their feet?

Donald Garnett

Los Angeles

How about all those parents who let their children run wild in movie theaters and stores? Talk about rude.

Pat Bidle

Valley Village

My vote goes for all teachers of "assertiveness training." I have taken three such classes. In each class, students would relate stories of bullying others, only to be praised for this behavior. Many of them practiced on grocery checkers.

I am a retired grocery checker. Whenever I encountered an "assertive person," I sent them straight to management. Management has the authority to be assertive in return and is compensated for the privilege.

Janet Day

Thousand Oaks

Anyone who has thrown a tantrum in a line and screamed, "Do you know who I am?"

Jan Miyake

Los Angeles

People who do not look back when passing through a swinging door and let it close in one's face.

Eva M. Cross

Laguna Hills

Everyone could use a crash course in courtesy. People are rude in every phase of our society.

Jo Judson

El Camino Village

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