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Pint-Sized Punch Lines

July 19, 1998

* What do you get when two dinosaurs collide? Tyrannosaurus wrecks. (Tim Jewell, 8, Chino, Litel Elementary)

* How do clowns like their eggs cooked? Funny side up. (Morgan Troper, 6, Beverly Hills, Horace Mann School)

* What does a fish use to write letters? Octopus ink. (Bryan Quintanilla, 5, Westlake Village, White Oak Elementary)

* What has arms, but no legs and no head? A jacket. (Jessica Ortiz, 10, San Bernardino, Hillside School)

* Why should you never stand behind a bus? Because you'll get exhausted. (Monica and Christopher Perez, 8 and 6, Torrance, St. James School)

* Why did the boy take a rotten egg to school? For show and smell. (Natashia Torres, 10, San Bernardino, Hillside School)

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