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Re-creating the airlift to Berlin; AMC's film galaxy to stars; a husband has big Lifetime 'Change'



"Inside the Actors Studio" / 6 and 9 p.m. Bravo

The Oscar winner who gave an indelible performance as monstrous Hannibal Lecter chats with host James Lipton. Anthony Hopkins says he was "a bit of a loony kid" who became a thespian because he thought "it would be better than working for a living." The first time he heard about "The Silence of the Lambs," Hopkins thought it was "some children's hour sort of thing." He also talks about collaborations with Jonathan Demme, Oliver Stone ("Nixon") and Steven Spielberg ("Amistad").


"The Berlin Airlift" / 10 p.m. KCET

PBS marks the 50th anniversary of the humanitarian effort that saved more than 2.5 million people from starvation. Using newsreels, eyewitness accounts and interviews, the documentary recounts how Allies drew the line against Soviet expansion during the early days of the Cold War. One pilot nicknamed the "Candy Bomber" dropped thousands of gum and candy packages to children via tiny parachutes. By mission's end, more than 277,000 flights had carried more than 2 million tons of necessities into Berlin.


"Change of Heart" / 9 p.m. Lifetime

An office administrator (Jean Smart) discovers that her loving husband (John Terry) of 20 years is having an affair--with another man. Smart's rage, confusion and eventual acceptance are the focus of this drama, which gets messy in the middle, then ties up its loose ends a tad too neatly by fadeout. At least Smart earns some sympathy, especially when delivering a line like, "Trust is a little less durable these days."


"The Sun, the Moon and the Stars" / 7 p.m. AMC

The cable movie channel offers wall-to-wall clips in this hourlong special about the inspiration provided by celestial subjects. As a result, we see movies whose sequences are linked to the sun ("Lawrence of Arabia," "The Agony and the Ecstasy"), the moon ("First Men in the Moon," "The Right Stuff," "Apollo 13") and, of course, the stars ("Flight to Mars," "Forbidden Planet"). Keir Dullea, best known for his role in Stanley Kubrick's landmark "2001: A Space Odyssey," narrates.


"His Bodyguard" / 9 p.m. USA

"Silk Stalkings" alum Mitzi Kapture has the title role as a security expert turned protector for a deaf-and-mute engineer (Anthony Natale) who witnessed a late-night crime at their firm. Emma Samms, who made her mark as an actress in "General Hospital" and "Dynasty," supplied the story for this suspense film. According to press notes, Samms wanted to write a teleplay that involved a character's "disability" without it being about that impairment.


"The World Fashion Premiere From Paris" / 9 p.m. ABC

When was the last time one of the major networks ran a fashion show in prime time? You can toss that thinking cap; the answer is never. This two-hour runway special features the autumn/winter haute couture collections of Karl Lagerfeld, John Galliano, Jean-Paul Gaultier and Alexander McQueen. Up to now, these renowned trend-setters have maintained control over TV rights for fear of rivals swiping their ritzy ideas. Anne Archer (a co-producer of the show with husband Terry Jastrow) and Isabella Rossellini are the hosts.


"Poodle Springs" / 9 p.m. HBO

It's 1963, and times have changed for Philip Marlowe. Raymond Chandler's world-weary gumshoe still wears the fedora and packs a rod, but the hair has grayed, he's slightly past his prime, and, more surprising, he's in love. James Caan stars in this cable yarn as the cynical soul with a new bride (Dina Meyer) and a father-in-law (Joe Don Baker) linked to the chief suspect of an investigation loaded with lust, greed and murder. Bob Rafelson ("Five Easy Pieces") directs the script from Tony Award winner Tom Stoppard.

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