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Laugh Lines

Pint-Sized Punch Lines

July 20, 1998

* What is a loaf of bread's favorite museum? The Baguetty Center. (Claire Peters, 9, Studio City, Carpenter Avenue Elementary)

* Why did the camper leave his watch behind? It was full of ticks. (Allison Haas, 8, Agoura Hills, Willow Elementary)

* How come the number 2 didn't like 1? Because 1 is odd. (David Michael Bloch, 7, Pacific Palisades, Pacific Palisades Elementary)

* Where do plants play football? In the Ivy League. (Michelle Cherner, 8, Encino, Wilbur Avenue Elementary)

* Why did the cow jump over the moon? The farmer had cold fingers. (Chanel Chadwick, 9, Dana Point, R.H. Dana Elementary)

* What do you call a cow that swims? Shamoooo. (David Vindhurst, 7, Blythe, Felix J. Appleby School)

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