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CLU Student Starts Tsunami Relief Effort


Spurred by the tsunami that killed at least 1,400 in his homeland of Papua New Guinea, Cal Lutheran University student Samson Yuimb is taking relief efforts to the streets.

National flag and 8-foot-long sign in hand, Yuimb staked out a corner of Moorpark Road and Hillcrest Drive on Monday afternoon to raise awareness about last week's disaster and raise money for survivors.

Yuimb, a 25-year-old political science major, said he will brave several more days of afternoon heat to help raise money for disaster relief in the South Pacific island.

"I feel a responsibility to raise whatever I possibly can," he said.

His hands stained red by the banner, Yuimb said downplayed his own discomfort.

"I'm hot, I'm thirsty," he said, a small, almost empty water bottle at his side. "But I would like to be sacrificing . . . right now."

Cal Lutheran spokeswoman Lynda Fulford said she admired Yuimb's willingness to brave the summer heat for a cause. Although the university usually does not donate to such causes, she said she anticipated that students, staff and campus organizations would give money.

"I think this is great," she said. "It brings the Cal Lutheran community together."

Yuimb stayed until about sunset Monday. He said he plans to return in the afternoons for at least another week.

He also has set up a bank account for donations, which will be given to the Catholic archdiocese in Papua New Guinea.

Call 492-2184 for more information.

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