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Laugh Lines

Pint-Sized Punch Lines

July 21, 1998

* What did the duchess say when the wave splashed over her at the beach? "I've never been so insalted in my entire life." (Evanne Alaina Gordon, 8, Pacific Palisades, Marquez Elementary)

* What kind of bird does an alligator keep as a pet? A crockatiel. (Alexandra Greenberg, 7, San Diego, Ecole Francaise de San Diego)

* Why did Garfield put a radio in the freezer? To hear some cool music. (Ryan McGrath, 10, San Bernardino, Hillside Elementary)

* What is the best diamond in the world? A baseball diamond. (Micelle Davalos, 9, Lakewood, Gompers Elementary)

* How do you prune a hedge? Place prunes on top of the hedge. (Maya Ellisman, 7, Solana Beach, Solana Vista Elementary)

* Where do dogs get cookies? The barkery. (Roseanne Palmer, 9, Irvine, Westwood Basics Plus School)


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