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City Council Adopts $36.5-Million Budget

July 22, 1998|TOM SCHULTZ

The City Council adopted a $36.5-million budget for the 1998-99 fiscal year.

The budget, adopted at the San Fernando council's biweekly meeting Monday night, adds to the city staff a grant proposal writer and an officer to work with at-risk youth. It provides funds for a spay-and-neuter program for dogs and cats, plus money for improvements to Woodworth and Pico streets and replacement of various fire hydrants and water meters around town.

The spending plan is divided into three categories--a $13.1-million general fund budget, a $15.3-million special and enterprise budget and an $8.1-million budget for the San Fernando Redevelopment Agency.

The special and enterprise budget is money from the state, federal grants and other sources earmarked for particular uses, such as water and sewer service, and can be applied only toward those uses, said Saul Gomez, administrative services manager for the city.

The general fund budget, however, is discretionary. The city can apply the money more freely to projects deemed necessary as the year progresses.

And the Redevelopment Agency budget is used primarily to address community blight, Gomez said.

The general fund budget for 1998-99 grew by about $700,000 over last year, primarily because $572,000 in grants from the federal Economic Development Agency for earthquake recovery carried over.

In addition, $41,000 was added to pay for the new officer who will deal with at-risk youth. The city also plans to award $72,000 to various organizations that serve the local community.

The redevelopment agency budget shrank by about $200,000 and the special and enterprise budget grew by about $3 million since last year, officials said.

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