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California Schools' Report Card

How did your school do on the statewide tests?

July 23, 1998


In California, 4.1 million public school students in grades 2 through 11 took the Stanford 9 standardized tests this year. All of them were tested in reading, writing and math. Students through grade 8 also took a spelling test and students in higher grades took exams in social studies and science.

On Tuesday, the state Department of Education released scores for each grade of each of California's 8,000 public schools. Here are scores, as reported by the state, for each school in Los Angeles County--the results for fourth, eighth and tenth grades--with the exception of the Los Angeles Unified School District, whose scores The Times published on July 15.

Readers who want to know how a school is doing can use these scores as a gauge. But keep in mind that these are results for individual grades only--not the entire school. Scores vary some from grade to grade, even at the same school.

For the Record
Los Angeles Times Friday July 24, 1998 Home Edition Metro Part B Page 3 Metro Desk 2 inches; 53 words Type of Material: Correction
Test scores--In Thursday's chart of Los Angeles County school test scores, some of the columns for high school scores were mislabeled. Reading from left to right, the correct columns should be scores for tests of Reading, Mathematics, Language, Science, Social Science and the percentage of students taking the reading test who were classified as having limited English skills.

To find your school's scores:

* Look first for the grade level: "Grade 4" for elementary school, "Grade 8" for middle school or "Grade 10" for high school.

* Then search down the column to find your school. Schools are listed in alphabetical order by grade.

* The scores appear to the right of your school's name. The columns report testing data for the various subjects. Use the guide at the top of each column of numbers to determine which category the score is in.

* For each test, the chart shows the percentile rank achieved by students in each school.

* The chart also has a category labeled % LEP. That shows the percentage of the students taking the reading test at the school who were classified as "limited English proficient." Schools with a higher percentage of such students will tend to have lower scores in part because these students may have had difficulty understanding the questions, which were all in English.

Note: * (an asterisk) means the number of students tested was 10 or fewer.


Even among experts, there is no one view on what a percentile rank tells about school performance. But a 50 means that, taken together, the school's students were right at the national average when measured against a sample of their peers across the country--even though some students at the school may be doing quite well and others poorly.

A percentile rank of 25 or less suggests that many of the students are doing poorly when measured against the national sample. A rank of 75 or above shows that a high percentage of students are doing well. Some schools' scores appear abnormally high, which may be because an unusually small number of children took the test.

Comparing the individual scores sent to your home with those of the school will help you gauge where your child ranks against classmates.


Some schools' scores may not be all they seem. Some schools and school districts encouraged parents to sign waiver forms enabling their children to skip the test -- particularly students with limited English skills. The number not taking the test varies from school to school. If a lot of students who would be expected to score low skipped the test, a school's scores would be skewed upward.


Contributing to The Times' schools score coverage:

* Contributing Editors: David Lauter, Paul Lieberman

* News Editors: Gary Metzker, Steve Mitchell

* Technical Assistance: Victor I. Pulver, Doug Smith, Richard O'Reilly, Sandra Poindexter




Name Read Math Lang. Spell % LEP Tested Statewide 40 39 44 36 24


Los Angeles County


Name Read Math Lang. Spell %LEP Tested County 31 34 37 30 37


ABC Unified


Name Read Math District 44 47 Aloha Elementary 24 26 Bragg Elementary 67 72 Burbank Elementary 21 21 Carver Elementary 50 61 Cerritos Elementary 64 80 Elliott Elementary 34 29 Furgeson Elementary 13 12 Gonsalves Elementary 72 75 Hawaiian Elementary 13 20 Juarez Elementary 29 35 Kennedy Elementary 54 56 Leal Elementary 74 79 Melbourne Elementary 20 18 Niemes Elementary 31 35 Nixon Elementary 67 61 Palms Elementary 34 34 Stowers Elementary 58 74 Willow Elementary 23 24 Wittmann Elementary 79 80

Name Lang. Spell % LEP Tested District 50 48 29 Aloha Elementary 29 25 20 Bragg Elementary 74 74 9 Burbank Elementary 30 23 47 Carver Elementary 54 62 23 Cerritos Elementary 73 76 11 Elliott Elementary 41 43 30 Furgeson Elementary 19 11 66 Gonsalves Elementary 84 80 8 Hawaiian Elementary 21 9 65 Juarez Elementary 47 25 42 Kennedy Elementary 52 58 17 Leal Elementary 78 82 15 Melbourne Elementary 23 15 42 Niemes Elementary 39 28 47 Nixon Elementary 63 75 9 Palms Elementary 41 38 11 Stowers Elementary 66 74 30 Willow Elementary 26 21 45 Wittmann Elementary 80 89 12


Acton-Agua Dulce Unified


Name Read Math District 56 54 Acton Elementary 53 52 Agua Dulce Elementary 65 60

Name Lang. Spell % LEP Tested District 58 45 2 Acton Elementary 55 42 2 Agua Dulce Elementary 65 53 0


Alhambra City Elementary


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