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JEANNINE STEIN / Fashion Police

The Gab About Babs' Wedding Dress

July 23, 1998|JEANNINE STEIN

Barbra Streisand's grand wedding to James Brolin a few weeks ago inspired a comprehensive, photo-filled People magazine spread, which, in turn, prompted us to think about that Donna Karan gown she wore. It was long, white, had a veil, showed a lot of cleavage, and got us wondering: Was it the best look for La Streisand?

So we solicited your opinions on this extremely important matter. Responses were pretty evenly mixed, pro and con, with only a few catty comments. Most of you stayed on your best behavior. Here's what you said:

* "A bride should try to please her intended and herself when it comes to the gown of choice. Cleavage, white or no, whatever makes her feel beautiful is always right."

* "The idea of a dream wedding dress is charming and winsome. Yet how much more sophisticated, adult and dynamic this event could have been if Barbra had the courage to wear something less virginal and youth-oriented (particularly as she walked down the aisle with her 30-year-old son). A stunning day dress (with cleavage--who cares?) or perhaps a fabulous designer suit in some striking color, would have appeared much less posed. But, to each her own, and God bless the lady and her husband--maybe they will be happy at last!"

* "If you've got it, flaunt it, and Barbra does. A 50-ish woman who has another chance at love and marriage can do what she damned well wants to do."

* "Among the Barbra accomplishments, good taste has never, to my knowledge, been listed. And now we can add to the unlisted list inappropriateness and bad judgment. P.S.: Shame on Donna Karan!"

* "Her dress was beautiful. If she wants cleavage, she can have it--it still looks pretty good. Yes, of course she can wear white. Over the years, the meaning of a white dress definitely has disappeared. Now, meow! I did not care for her hairstyle or the wreath thing. I also thought the choker overdid it a bit. In any event, they are a handsome couple. Both looked gorgeous and radiated happiness."

* "I was a little surprised when I saw the photos of Barbra--I assumed she would be more creative in her choice of color, maybe a rose and pink silk chiffon combo, or silver, or even yellow. I can only think she wants to start this marriage in white as a symbol of purity she hopes will endure."

* "She didn't have a storybook wedding the first time, so why not have one now? She has finally found someone whom she finds worthy of her amorous attention, so why not celebrate? As for the cleavage, the diva still has it, why not display it?"

* " 'A vision from a dream time'? Yes, if your dream was of a tub of lard. Next to her handsome groom, she looked grotesque."

* "Of course she can dress as she wishes--it's her

day, let her have it. Let her set a new pace and change the old tradition. It's time. We applaud her and wish her all the happiness in the world."

* "Barbra Streisand is a 56-year-old woman who is in great shape. But she is still 56 years old, and that would make her breasts 56 years old. Those 56-year-old breasts should be supported by something more than spaghetti straps. I will say that one person in the bridal party got it right: James Brolin. He looked like you want every groom to look: handsome and perfectly dressed."

Dear Fashion Police: Black and brown together bug me. I see high-priced shoes in mixtures of black and brown, which isn't too bad, but I also see men and women wearing different combinations of the two colors, and it just doesn't seem right. Could you enlighten and educate me as to the use of these colors together?



Dear Blue: Why such a negative reaction to this color mix? Was there some evil brown and black teddy bear in your childhood? Did you have a bad reaction to a chocolate-mocha cake?

We're sorry that the sight of the two colors together sends you into an aesthetic tailspin, but there's really nothing wrong with wearing them. (We know that all of you who got on our case about the navy and black thing are dying to pick up a pen and write us, but we're begging you--don't do it. Please. We can't go through that again.) Black pants with a brown jacket, a black sweater with a brown skirt--they're fine. Just watch out for fashion pitfalls such as a black suit with brown shoes.

Of course, these hues constitute more of a fall-winter look, but lighter variations--such as caramel, cafe au lait, ginger and copper, along with heather gray, cement and slate--are viable all year long.

But if any version of the black-brown duo really bothers you, we advise you to avert your eyes and just think happy thoughts when near the offending colors.

* When reporting or preventing a fashion crime, write to Fashion Police, Los Angeles Times, Times Mirror Square, Los Angeles, CA 90053, or fax to (213) 237-0732. Submissions cannot be returned. No telephone inquiries, please.

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