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Laugh Lines

Pint-Sized Punch Lines

July 23, 1998

What did the car say when it finished the race? "I need a brake." (Tommy Griego, 8, Los Angeles, St. Alphonsus School)

* Why didn't the lake like the pond? It thought the pond was very shallow. (Alison Thierbach, 10, Riverside, Washington Elementary)

* Who does a duck see when he is sick? A quack doctor. (Erika Dahlberg, 10, Burbank, Thomas Edison School)

* Why did the chicken cross the road? Because Foster Farms was on the other side. (Kristen Dannielle Evans, 11, Alta Loma, Floyd M. Stork Elementary)

* Where was the bear when the lights went off? In the dark. (Leann Nadine Lopez, 11, Baldwin Park, Edgewood Middle School)

* What do you call petroleum jelly that can sing? Vaseline Dion. (Sarah Kislak, 6, Agoura Hills, Yerba Buena Elementary)

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