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The Littlest Slipcovers

July 26, 1998

The Motorola StarTAC is the tiny cell phone of the moment. With those harsh Southern California elements--post-El Nino drizzles, sunstroke, Hollywood egos--could designer cases to protect it have been far behind?

--Sasha Lillie


The littlest Slipcovers

StarTAC Phone Bag

by Kathrine Baumann of Beverly Hills, $225 (projected retail price)

Construction: Opalescent Italian kid leather covered in individually hand-set Swarovski crystals; chain dipped in 24K gold.

Caller ID: Custom-made for celebrity use at the Oscars (James Cameron and Minnie Driver toted them); should be available at "upscale department stores" by December.

Speed Dial: With its mega-quick flip top, a flick of the wrist is all that keeps you, too, from becoming King of the World.

Party Line: Where were jeweled antennae covers when Liberace took to the highway?


Body Glove "Flipper" CellSuit, $24.99

Construction: Elastic, shock-absorbent, water-resistant neoprene in six colors; handy belt loop and adjustable shoulder strap.

Caller ID: Surfing executives who need cellular connections but want to lose yuppie connotations; L.A. County lifeguards.

Speed Dial: No need to stop mid-wave; cover flips open quicker than a Kelly Slater 360.

Party Line: Love the protective ear cover (water in your drum? no problem) and plastic shield guarding phone pad.


Coach StarTAC Cell Phone Case, $68

Construction: Water-resistant black or tan leather; convenient detachable hand strap.

Caller ID: The phone user who values simple, classic, understated subtlety; the smoker who craves a $68 cigarette case.

Speed Dial: Without a handy flip top, phone must be removed from case before snapping open; best to warn important clients and impatient spouses it'll be a few before answering.

Party Line: That magnetic snap does keep case snugly shut and phone comfortably cozy.


Phones courtesy of PCS Smart Mart, Beverly Hills

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